Saves on Energy Costs
  Provides Enhanced Security
  Adds Value to your Home
  Remote Control Operation
  Programmable Timer
  U.L. Approved
  3-Year Warranty

Open and close drapes automatically
Imagine what this can mean to the security of your home. With the provided timer potential intruders will believe the house is occupied when they see your draperies opening and closing at various times during the day or night. Combined with automatic lighting controls the effect is complete.
At the touch of a button
Experience the ultimate in luxury and convenience as you open or close your draperies by remote control. From as far away as 33 feet, a touch of a button is all it takes to set those heavy or hard-to-reach draperies in motion. The elderly and physically-challenged gain greater control of their environment and a greater sense of independence.
Open and close drapes automatically
(Complete with timer) saves you money!
By automatically closing your draperies during peak daylight hours, the system helps to control indoor temperatures, saving precious energy. This feature also protects your valuable and expensive homes furnishing and floor coverings from the sun's harsh, damaging rays.
Easy To Install
     The Makita Automatic Drapery Opener is easy to install. Complete step-by-step, illustrated instructions and instructional video tape you from start to finish in just a few minutes.
     All you will need are a few basic tools and fasteners: a Phillips screwdriver, pliers, the appropriate fasteners for mounting in your wall or ceiling, a driver/drill and bits. Makita includes the required wrench as standard equipment. Or, if you prefer, skilled installers can handle all the details quickly and efficiently.
     With the Makita Automatic Drapery Opener, you can be assured that you're adding to the value and security of your home.

The Makita Automatic Drapery Opener System comes complete with a hand-held remote controller that allows you to open and close your drapes from your bed or armchair at the touch of a button. Heavy and hard-to-reach draperies become easy to operate.

The Makita Automatic Drapery Timer can be preset with the times you wish your draperies to open and close - up to four operations daily. Increased security and energy savings are just some of the benefits the system provides.

The Makita Automatic Drapery Opener can handle 60 lbs. of drapery over a 20 ft. span. By using two motors these ratings can be doubled to 120 lbs. over a 40 ft. span. Draperies silently glide at 50 ft. per minute (10 in. per second). The system accommodates center as well as one way openings. Draperies can be stopped in any position using the "stop" button. They will automatically stop when reaching full open or close positions. It can also be operated manually in the event of a power outage.